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"Myro and his music are in a category of their own - I've had to coin
some new words to adequately describe the man and his music - "myroesque" and "myroic" being a couple of them. His music is fresh, unique, and sticks in your brain, where, if you're not careful, it takes root and grows on you, in a very pleasant way, and you'll catch yourself humming the hooks at all sorts of unsuspected points in your day. I admire Myro for his courage and vision in presenting to us his uncompromised musical vision in an era of rampant conformity and wholesale clones."

- Steve Wolfe, Jazz Producer, Recording Artist

"This has got to be one of the catchiest jazz vocal CDs of the millenium.
A superb collection of great original songs! Myro tops himself with music that literally attaches itself first to your subconscious, then feeds itself ever so gently to your mind, taking root there in a joyful, serene way. Fabulous imagery, great tunes, marvelous story telling, all with flair, intelligence, and consumate good humor. Highly recommended for repeat listening."


"...a lot of terrific songs, wonderfully produced and expertly performed ...catchy tunes, good hooks and subtle humor. What more could you ask for ?"

- Richard Isen, Musicians On the Internet

"There is a renaissance of the Great American Song and its name is Myro"

- Leslie Piper, KBBF, Coherent Power

MYRO's voice and material have a certain charm."

- Ben Sidran, Jazz Scholar/Producer/Performer

"MYRO's got great talent. He's going places."

- Jud Snyder, KJAZ, The Cotati Jazz Festival"

"Wonderful storytelling. I love the images and vocal poetry. Very
evocative vocal...unique vocal sound. The humor is welcome in a
traditionally serious medium. There is a slice of life lesson in poetry
and verse that I enjoyed immensely."

- Jeff Weber, multi-grammy Jazz Producer

"Great style and great songwriting"

- Bruce Latimer, the Bruce Latimer Show

"All his songs were lyrically bouncy and he delivered them with expressive facial gestures....Myro plays impeccable classical
guitar in a unique jazz style...Myro is Cool! "

-Jim "Mr. Music" Corbett, President, Sonoma County Music Association

"The Bob Dylan of Jazz."

- Debby Meagher, Coffee Catz 

"Myro comes across as the urbane and witty Mose Allison of contemporary Latin music. Accompanied by the splendidly named Moonlight Mirror Orchestra, Myro shows that he is a master of quirky ballads like "You Here Now", "Now There Is You" (with its splendid trombone break), "La Barba de Juan Carlos" and the title track. His original songs ought to appeal to admirers of Allison or Randy Newman as they project a wry irony that revels in the bittersweet wisdom of experience from the funk of "Help Me Be Untrue" to the slow blues of "Number Two's Blues".
...real refreshment."

- Cadence Magazine

" Deep, warm male vocals work their way over a variety of jazz tracks
performed by the Moonlight Mirror Orchestra. Songs are generally soft and jazzy, with a few splashes of Avant-Garde madness"


MYRO may be contacted at:
Phone (707) 538-1386