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Capsicum Compact Discs proudly presents MYRO's debut CD, Song for Mavis, featuring the Moonlight Mirror Orchestra. Each of the 12 songs is a distinct and absolute pleasure. MYRO's entrance to the world of recorded jazz is likely to have the same effect as Bob Dylan's folk/rock debut. What the two poet/composers have in common is an uncommon songwriting artistry.

They also share roots in American folk music. Where MYRO departs is that in his musical sensibilities he has thoroughly absorbed and mastered the many musical forms that together have become known as America's only truly original art form, Jazz. You will hear elements of swing, bop, and post-bop. Blues fans will love "Number Two's Blues". For Bossa Nova, check out "I Don't Recall" and "Don't Jump Ship". Smooth Jazz lovers can groove on "You Here Now", a Bossa ballad. "Help Me Be Untrue" is tongue-in-cheek R&B. "Kill Or Kiss" is a visionary/philosophical tone poem. "Now There Is You" could be a standard, a la Jerome Kern. For protest avant-garde jazz-rap, try "2Bfree". MYRO calls "Song For Mavis", "Spanish gypsy funk/jazz". "La Barba de Juan Carlos", the only instrumental on the CD, is a haunting Moorish melody.

As Richard Isen of Musicians on the Internet points out, Myro is "a lot funnier than Bob Dylan." His subtle humor constantly reasserts itself throughout his evocative poetic lyrics.

The foundation of MYRO's instrumental accompaniment is provided by the lush chords of his classical and electric guitars and piano. The world-class Moonlight Mirror Orchestra is led by Steve Wolfe, best known for his chart-topping "First Date" on Inner City Records featuring Nancy King, Ray Brown, and Jack Sheldon - the most played album in the history of KJAZ. Besides being a great multi-instrumentalist/band leader, Steve is also the engineer, co-producer, and co-arranger of Song For Mavis.

The late great Bill Hannaford, who, unfortunately did not live to see its release, is heard prominently on this CD. His masterful trombone and helicon (a rare brass instrument) are featured on various tunes. He brought these instruments and about 15 others to the gig, when he was Myro's featured duo-mate for the last 2 years of his life.